Doyle Plastering and Stucco

Doyle Plastering is a full service stucco and lath contractor serving the San Francisco Bay Area.  We specialise in contuining business with contractors and building owners by providing expertise to every particular project regardless of size or degree of difficulty. We provide estimates with consideration for asthetics while striving to provide the best possible value for money. General Liability, Workers Comp, Bonding and refrences provided upon request. CA License #843625

What We Do

Doyle Plastering is always available to assist with scheduling details and sequencing. Our experience lends to forcasting all issues that stucco projects will confront allowing for a clear plan and coordination with other trades. Our experienced team knows how to preform to best advantage regarding workability and time spent on the project. Having efficient and experienced plasterers makes all the difference as to the finished project while minimizing unecessary impact.



Our People

Andy Doyle, owner of Doyle Plastering, has 30 plus years experience in the plastering business and supervises all projects with attention to every detail. You can rely on Andy to make sure it is done right the first time and is available always for cost /design advice, estimates, and project management.


All of our employees have 10 plus years experience in the industry continually working for Doyle Plastering and are all trusted opperators.


We take pride in the work we leave after us. We believe it is a testimony to our industry that will last beyond our life time. Our projects page lets you explore our portfolio. It showcases a sampling of our finished work and features a selection of photos demonstrating our capabilities.